How To Lose Appetite

Severe hunger can be devastating to any weight loss regime or just for anyone who’s trying to reduce their appetite for personal reasons. In the case of losing weight it’s pretty hard to maintain a weight loss plan when you’re hungry all day. hungry woman It’s actually the most common reason why people fail when trying to lose weight. Below we’ll give you some solid tips how to get rid of hunger faster and longer.

The Easiest Method

The easiest way to reduce appetite is taking a appetite suppressant pill with 100% natural ingredients each morning during breakfast. A lot of people successfully use these supplements day in day out to suppress their appetite and lose weight. The most popular appetite suppressant right now is Phen375, which is made out of 100% natural ingredients. Another good one we recommend is Unique Hoodia, also made out of purely natural ingredients.

Changing Your Diet

First, you need to put “heavy” foods on the menu. These foods give you a very long sense of satiety. For heavy foods you consider eating:

  • Rye bread or whole grain sourdough bread with cheese, ham or peanut butter.
  • Unsweetened muesli with curds.
  • Legumes like kidney beans, cappucijners, chickpeas and lentils.
  • Meat and game can also be powerful tools, as well as vegetables, especially cabbage.

You can even eat chili con carne or pulses with meat or bacon. Then, I bet you can last longer and not have to eat until the next morning. More appetite suppressant foods here.


Rules To Follow Religiously

  • Eat slowly and enjoy your meal. In this way, your brain is receptive to the signals coming from the saturation of your body.
  • Coffee and tea can inhibit your hunger, but also can make you feel more stimulated.  If you get shaky or dizzy after drinking them, then they probably will stimulate your hunger instead of getting rid of it.
  • Maybe you might not expect it, but exercise can give you a feeling of fullness. So, stop your hunger with a bicycle ride.
  • Being busy is always a good hunger suppressant. Many people eat more on the weekends than they do on work days. Of course you probably would rather do nothing and just relax in front of the TV for example, but laziness and boredom are unfortunately very bad for stopping your hunger pangs.
  • Breakfast. Your breakfast is a good start to the day. If you skip breakfast, you disrupt your diet for the whole day. You will most likely eat a lot more sweets because you’re hungry, which leads to eating less during regular meals because you have nibbled on snacks. Then you get hungry again sooner because you didn’t eat much during your meal, so you go back to eating sweets. This causes a downward spiral that can be avoided by starting the day with a good breakfast.
  • Fiber. Eat enough fiber. Dietary fiber can you fill you up quickly and keep you full longer and thus give you a saturated feeling. You need fiber for proper bowel function. Dietary fiber is found in many types of vegetables, fruits and nuts. Many food products indicate on the packaging how much fiber they contain.
  • Drink plenty of water. If you drink enough, you will feel full faster. Furthermore, when you eat dietary fiber at the same time as you drink   water, it makes the fiber expand and you feel even fuller.
  • Varied diet. If you have a strong tendency to eat, it may be that your body is deficient in a particular nutrient. This can be prevented by a good and varied diet or by taking supplements.
  • Listen to your body. Always stop eating when you are full. This seems logical, but how often do you eat a whole bag of chips just because it’s there? This has nothing to do with hunger. You can avoid this by not leaving an entire bag of chips on the couch. Instead, just putt some chips into a bowl instead.
  • Enjoy your food. It’s a shame to eat mindlessly. Make a conscious effort to enjoy every bite so you can enjoy more of what you eat. Moreover, you will eat less because you will soon see how much you are eating.
  • Eat for a good reason. Most people would rather not eat just because they feel bad. Emotions and nutrition are best kept separate. If you don’t keep them apart, then you are likely to be an emotional eater. Every time something unlucky happens or if you’re unhappy, you may grab for cookies or candy to comfort yourself. Of course, a delicious chocolate bar can be enjoyed on occasion, but make sure this kind of eating does not get out of hand.

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