Top Appetite Suppressant to Reduce Hunger

Hunger or Appetite suppressants are ideal as no hunger means namely not feeling like eating. And if you eat less, you lose weight naturally. Or so you would think … There are countless appetite suppressant and diet products on the market — all of which promise you that you can easily lose weight without feeling hungry. This could be due to the unique combination of ingredients ingredient X and Y. Below we have made a list of some of these hunger suppressants found in pharmacies you can buy.


Popular Appetite Suppressants Compared


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Another great appetite suppressant is Full Fast, which is also a fairly popular supplement.

A Little Secret

hunger suppressant chefBased on the information above, you can decide whether it might be something for you to try. The most famous diet pills are fat-blockers and appetite suppressant pills. They come in different brands of slimming pills that always seems to be coming up with a new version, with various sub-variants. Appetite suppressant makers(and makers of other diet pills) always claim to have added a new “super ingredient” to their newest pill. Some work and some don’t. The most popular appetite suppressant ingredient that seems to help a lot of people is Phentermine. There are a lot of other pills out there with different ingredients as well. From green tea extract to White Willow Bark, from Yohimbe to kola nut extract, from Guarana to cactus or from Yerba Mate to Ginseng… the list goes on and on.

dairy drink

Saturating Dairy Drinks

Hunger inhibitory milk drinks are being seen more often. Milk inhibits hunger because the whey proteins in milk are very filling. Generally the “special” ingredients in diet dairy drinks hardly ever work. You can just as well (or perhaps even better) eat a bowl of cottage cheese or some low fat yogurt (without sugar). The only “scientific” research done on these diet drinks is financed by producers, so the (obviously positive) results are downright unreliable.

Natural Hunger Suppressants

A few glasses of water before meals will work to reduce hunger. But did you know that eggs, lemon and red peppers also markedly slow down hunger? Look below for different foods(go to our best foods to suppress appetite page for more):

      • Apples: Recent research has shown that apples may be your best friend when you are on diet. Once digested, they produce the hormone GLP-1. This gives a signal to your brain that you have eaten pepper
      • Red Peppers: Red peppers are full of capsaicin, a substance that has a strong pepper flavor and burns fat at the same time. In addition, it also increases stamina. Half a teaspoon of chopped, fresh pepper sprinkled over your meal can help you to eat less. They are also full of fiber, which is also beneficiary to the loss of appetite.
      • Green Tea:Catechins in green tea stimulate the metabolism. If you drink six cups a day on average, it will help you to lose a few pounds in no time.
      • Eggs: Eating an omelet for breakfast every day reduces appetite throughout the day. Overweight people would be able to lose weight up to 65 percent faster if they are able to stop their hunger and this can help.
      • Lemons: Many nutritionists believe that drinking lemon juice is a safe and easy way to lose weight. The juice promotes fat burning, but also contains pectin, a substance that inhibits hunger.
      • Water: A study from 2010 showed that drinking water before meals reduces hunger. Researchers divided 48 subjects with obesity into two groups. One group drank a glass of water before meals for twelve weeks and the other did not. After the test period it was shown that the water drinkers lost an average of two kilograms more than the others because the water gave them a feeling of fullness.
      • Cinnamon: Scandinavian scientists have discovered that this spice curbs insulin production. Cinnamon also keeps blood sugar levels under control and slows the digestive process, thus making you feel full longer.
      • Caffeine: Drinking coffee is known to have an effect on the appetite. Drinking a few cups of coffee a day will help you feel less hungry.
      • Herbs: There are a few herbs which can reduce appetite.


Hunger Suppressants – Do They Work?

For clarity, hunger suppressants are prescription pills that make you feel sated and therefore have less hunger. Next to ways to suppress appetite, they are usually prescribed to overweight people so they will temporarily eat less, thus making them lose weight.
The question is: do hunger suppressants work? Yes they do. Appetite suppressant pills can play a key role in reducing appetite and therefore in losing weight by eating less calories as you would normally do. Knowing this, it’s important to note that you should never starve yourself to lose weight. Always keep a healthy diet next to taking appetite suppressant pills to avoid starvation mode. During the weeks that you take the hunger suppressants, you might eat fewer calories than before and enter this so-called starvation mode which will trigger a weight loss plateau. Since you would rather lose fat by keeping a steady metabolism, this is exactly what you do not want! Therefore it’s very important to always keep a healthy diet next to taking any sort of diet pill. appetite suppressant pills

It’s also important to note that, while hunger suppressants do work, the extended use of diet pills is no solution, because you’ll miss out on too many important nutrients like vitamins and minerals (for example: iron and potassium, which you need in a healthy diet). By the way, the right vitamins can help you in your journey to control your appetite. Without these needed substances your body cannot get enough energy from the food you eat. The implications are enormous. It is better to look at what, how and how much a person eats. Are there emotional reasons for their extreme appetite or hunger? Is the person living with stress that is causing his body to crave comfort food like sugars and fats? Finding the cause will bring you closer to solving the problem. Getting help from multiple disciplines is desirable in order to achieve a good balance between food intake and energy consumption, followed by exercise and psychological well-being. More on losing appetite with suppressants and how to avoid risks with suppressant pills.

Strong Smelling Foods Reduce Appetite

Research has shown that people tend to eat less when a food has a strong odor because they take smaller bites and thereby create more of a feeling of fullness. Adding more flavor to foods can therefore help in the fight against obesity, researchers believe.

The scientists showed subjects some custard. The subjects could smell the custard and then decide how much of it they wanted to eat. The stronger the smell was, the smaller the amount they ate, the researchers said. Previous research has shown that taking small bites leads to eating less.

The researchers think that food intake can be reduced by 5 to 10 percent if the food has a stronger smell, which could mean considerable savings on the number of calories per meal that people eat.

Sleep or Psychological Aspects

A good sleeping rhythm is known to help in reducing appetite. Psychological problems like depression can also have an effect on eating patterns, some people are known to eat more when they are depressed, especially when they are more prone to eating addictions as others.

Exercise and Loss Of Appetite

Various studies show that exercising regularly has an effect on appetite. Morning exercise can also be beneficiary.

Satiety and hunger suppressants

Obesity is literally a growing problem. Researchers have been looking for products to tackle obesity since the nineties, especially for reducing calories and getting rid of excess fat. Smaller appetite suppressant diet pillsservings of products have played a role since that time. In the coming years, two other strategies are increasingly expected to be in the spotlight: the satiating effect of fat burners and their products and ingredients. The latter is central to this case.

There are two types of saturation:
Sensory satiety (satiation) versus metabolic saturation (satiety) are the two types of saturation. Satiation makes you stop eating; it is the feeling of fullness.
In contrast, hunger (appetite) is the feeling of an empty stomach and gives you pangs of hunger pains. More information on reducing appetite with suppressants here.

Saturation Explained

Saturation appears to be related to the time that it takes the senses to perceive the product. For this reason, calories in liquid form provide fewer results rather than eating the food in a solid form. Soup, however, saturates because it is eaten slowly with a spoon.

Research has shown that it takes 20 minutes to eat 500 grams of apple. The same amount of applesauce can be eaten in 6 minutes, but if you drink it in the liquid form of apple juice it only takes 1.5 minutes. The apple eaters were more saturated than the applesauce eaters, who in turn were more saturated than the apple juice drinkers. Therefore, the time that the senses are in contact with the product is important for satiety.
It is advised that people who want to lose weight should try eating with chopsticks. You eat more slowly than when you eat with regular cutlery. American studies among healthy women confirmed that eating slowly leads to a lower intake of calories.


  1. ynocheerio says:

    The easiest way to lose the hunger pangs and cravings you get when you get hungry is to do a lot of sports. I found that when you make sports your appetite is considerably lower for quite a period of time after you finished your sports. On top of it, sports are also a great way to lose even more weight as you would without doing it.

    One tip: Don’t take up swimming if you’re doing sports to lose appetite. Swimming will actually increase the appetite after you’re done.

  2. HeroToZero says:

    this is a good article.. i feel like most people don’t realize the importance of eating the right foods when dieting. if you eat a snack usually what ends up happening is that you will be more hungry about 2 hours later but when you maintain a healthy diet with lots of vegetables and lean meats like chicken you’ll have less cravings and it’s easier to maintain your diet.

    I’ve seen a lot of people fail diets simply because at a point they start taking small snacks here and there. Slowly they start taking more and more snacks until they are back at their old (and bad) diet again. This is not how you lose weight.

    • casye95 says:

      this is very very true. i used to eat snacks every single day, especially during school days, and i had major cravings for those snacks when I wouldn’t take them on some days. once i stopped eating those snacks and took up a diet (which meant ignoring those snack cravings) after about a week the cravings stopped and i haven’t had them since. so, stop taking snacks for a week or longer and feel the results! it really works!

  3. h. sullivan says:

    The best appetite suppressant so far for me has been Phen375 which I bought through this site. I combined it with drinking more water and eating the foods on a list I found on this site with foods which suppress the appetite, like eggs and caffeine rich drinks.

  4. Damascus says:

    For me personally it works best if I drink at least a gallon of water daily. Drinking water really seems to put a halt on cravings. When my stomach is full of water I feel less hungry somehow. But this doesn’t help enough to really make the cravings stop. I take supplements for the baddest days, this helps me get through bad days to keep my diet in check.

  5. jake says:

    I use appetite suppressant pills almost daily (take them with breakfast) to suppress my appetite. If you take them with your breakfast you feel the effects during the day at work (or school etc..) You can take another pill at dinner but I don’t do that. Some people I know do this and this works for them but I can control my hunger at night so I don’t need it.

  6. MegMommy says:

    I have a hard time losing weight, that’s why I’m looking for a good appetite suppressant. I tried several foods on the lists on this site and although they do suppress appetite a little it’s not enough for me to really stop the cravings!!! So what do you guys do to stop the hunger pangs?? X Meg

  7. greateski says:

    what works for me is using various appetite suppressing foods like eating about 3 apples a day, drinking nothing but green tea and water and adding a lot of appetite suppressing herbs (you can find these herbs by searching on the internet, there are a LOT of them!) to my food and even in my tea. but this doesn’t help enough, what really helps me is adding a appetite suppressing pill to my breakfast each morning. if i don’t add the pill I’m still going to be slightly hungry during the day.

  8. noscopianpro32 says:

    Here are a few good appetite suppressing foods:
    Cayenne Pepper
    Sweet Potatoes
    Umeboshi Plums
    Dark Chocolate
    Vegetable Juice
    and Flax Seeds

    They can all help to suppress appetite, it really works!!

  9. jennaH says:

    I always found that the best way to suppress your appetite is to drink a lot of water. I’ve been doing this for years and years whenever I diet and it always works. Just fill your stomach with a lot of water and eat 3 meals a day (preferably light meals like salad with chicken) and you’ll lose weight guaranteed!!!

  10. triceratopps says:

    i take eggs in the morning to suppress my hunger cravings and it works for me. later during the day i drink a lot of water and tea (and i mean A LOT) and that really does a great job on the appetite as well. try it!

    • Marcy says:

      How do you know that it’s the eggs which suppress your appetite and not something else? And how about the water? I always find it very hard to test these things as the body adapts and changes constantly. What might work for other doesn’t necessarily work for all people.

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