Does drinking coffee reduce appetite?

Wouldn’t it be nice to have some sort of magic pill you just pop into your mouth to make unwanted inches disappear? Ideally, this pill would work its magic instantly. We’re talking only a few hours after ingestion. Does this sound ridiculous? It should because no such magic pill exists. The truth about weight loss is that it works according to a fixed rule that is unyielding and won’t change: your intake of calories must be less than your daily burning of calories for you to lose weight which can be done with a appetite suppressant and other natural ways. That’s all there is to losing weight No magic formulas. No hidden thousand-year-old secrets. No mysterious incantations and shadowy rituals. Still, weight loss is a multi-billion dollar industry that regularly churns out all sorts of shakes, crams, pills, e-books, premade plans, machines, and everything else all endowed with some mysterious ability to help you lose those extra pounds you’ve been lugging around since junior high. Chances are, if you fall for of any of these marketing scams, you won’t lose weight. Why? While some programs and products do have weight loss qualities, man drinking coffeeyour body will find a way to regain ‘equilibrium’ and you either will consume more calories or your metabolism will slow down enough for your weight to ‘stabilize’. In this case, ‘stabilize’ means all the extra pounds come back. So what can you do?

Stick with what you feel good with
Effective weight loss is all about finding a key part of the weight loss equation outlined above that you are comfortable with and sticking to it. If you find the calorie burning part more doable and more fun, start and stick with it. If you find suppressing your calorie intake as the more realistic option, start and keep going. The key is to identify, choose, start, and stick with it. If you choose the calorie suppression part of the equation, you might want to know that adding certain items to your daily diet can help the cravings go away. One of these is coffee. However, it is not all good news-coffee does have its dark side. Read the guide below to get the pros and cons of adding coffee to your diet to help you shed weight.

The advantages of coffee as a weight loss agent
Coffee is a stimulant. It helps boost your energy levels and helps blood circulation. In other words, you are more amped up when you drink coffee. This helps you lose weight in two ways. First, your mind loses focus on food as much since it is stimulated by caffeine. You can probably reduce your portions a bit if you start drinking coffee regularly. Second, caffeine also boosts your metabolism since it has a proven medical effect on blood circulation. Your body burns up your more calories. Since your mind is refocused and you are eating less, the body is forced to burn up stored energy. As a result, you lose weight.

The disadvantages of coffee
Sadly, coffee is not a panacea. Sure, you are able to lose weight because of its double sided effect on how your body craves and processes calories; it also carries with it physiological baggage like increasing your pulse rate and, in certain cases, making hypertension worse. Moreover, it might impact your nervous system, and you might find yourself on edge all the time. You have to weigh both the pros and cons of coffee to see if the advantages outweigh its hassles.

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